eBay’s new Seller Protection Portal

eBay Seller Protection Team sp
eBay seller protectionThere have been a fair few changes to eBay seller protection over the past few years, so with the launch of the new eBay Seller Protection Overview Portal we though it was time to take a look what Seller Protection means today.

eBay Seller Protection covers Feedback and detailed seller ratings; Resolution cases opened against you; and Unpaid items.

The main things eBay now do for sellers come under the Feedback Removal Policy, Automatic Five Star DSRs where the seller qualifies and protection in resolution cases from buyers. Of course eBay to expect the sellers to fulfil certain criteria, but increasing eBay are taking action with no intervention from the seller themselves.

A common complaint is that often when a seller reports a buyer they see no action taken (similarly actually to when buyers report sellers or sellers report other sellers!). However the flow chart to the side shows what actions eBay take when you do report a buyer.

eBay have included the pictures of the Seller Protection Team on the new portal. I do like the way that eBay are starting to show the faces of their staff. If you view the new seller portal you’ll get to see the people (pictured above) who are actively investigating buyers and protecting your account.