eBay.com launch new eBay for Business Blog

eBay for Businesss BlogTamebay have some new competition this morning! eBay.com have set up a new “eBay for Business blog” aiming to be an ongoing resource for all the news and tips that are fit to print. Don’t worry Tamebay will carry on publishing all the stuff the eBay deem not fit to print 😉

Editor in chief of the new eBay for Business blog will be Jeremy Hainline whose been busy writing eBay newsletters and announcment board posts for the past few years. He’ll be joined by Griff, host of eBay radio and one of eBay’s first employees along with eBay’s Director of Community Jeff Terrell.

We’ve been missing a decent eBay Blog since eBay Ink was retired and rolled into eBay’s corporate news site. Although the news will doubless be eBay.com orientated, what happens over there tends to migrate to European sites in time, so I’ll be watching with interest.

If you want to follow the new eBay for Business blog they’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and good old RSS.