eBay accounts appear to have been hacked / compromised

10:40am Edited to add:

eBay have told us ‘The safety and security of eBay is of paramount importance. We will investigate these suspected account takeovers’.

16:30pm Edited to add:

eBay have come back with more information: ‘We can confirm these isolated cases relate to individual accounts being compromised at the user end, not an eBay site security issue, and we are working with the small number of affected users to rectify the situation which we estimate relates to around 30 eBay sellers. At no point was eBay.co.uk compromised and safety and security remain our priority’.

8.30am Original Post:

It would appear that a hacker has found a vulnerability on eBay which has enabled them to replace business seller information on many hundreds of listings.

The information has been replaced with the email address robphone64@gmail.com asking buyers to contact direct with the item number for a 20% discount. The phone number remains that of the legitimate seller.

eBay Hack

eBay Hack Google Search ResultsChecking eBay listings found on a Google search for the email address suggests that the hack is limited to a relatively small number of seller IDs, so this may not be an eBay hack but individual account hacks.

We’ve asked eBay for comment but naturally they’re all just on their way into the office so we’ll update later once we have more news.

In the mean time we’d strongly recommend that if you are a buyer that you do not buy from that email address. Personally I wouldn’t buy from an affected listing just in case other account details have been changed, but I certainly would never send money to an off eBay address for a discount. Make sure you pay with PayPal for protection!

If you’re a seller and spot that your own business seller information has been tampered with then contact eBay support straight away – it may be your account has been hacked and not eBay. From experience the eBay Trust and Safety support guys are mega hot on tracking down when and where an account has been accessed from and they’ll restore full control of your eBay account to you.