Do you want to buy something else?

A couple of weeks ago Andy of Perfect-Darts highlighted that buyers were buying multiple items in multiple transactions, rather than adding them to their eBay shopping basket and making a single payment.

Of course as well as the buyer not benefiting from shipping discounts, making multiple payments costs the seller 20p for each PayPal transaction on top of the percentage charge.

This was all part of eBay testing compulsory immediate payment. Buyers taking part in the test no longer saw the “Commit to Buy” page but were taken straight to checkout – the item wasn’t considered sold until paid for.

eBay appear to have spotted this problem and have introduced a new interstitial page to ask if buyers want to pay or if they’d like to continue shopping.

Add to Basket

Looks like a bit of a result for sellers and useful for buyers. Making it easy for buyers to do all of their purchases in one go makes perfect sense and any seller would prefer one single order, rather than having multiple single item orders to process.

Mark also sent us a screen shot with slightly different messaging, rather than “Still Looking?” the alternative test asks “Buying more items from this seller?”

Buying more items