Are eBay’s picture standards being enforced?

We’re curious – how are you finding the new eBay picture standards and have you seen any action by eBay to enforce them yet?

Graffiti on eBay Laptop ImageWe had a quick browse on eBay and it appears that some quite large sellers are taking different attitudes to the new rules. A common ruse for laptops and TVs is simply to take the graffiti that used to adorn the image and move it to the laptop or TV screen.

I’m not saying this doesn’t help buyers decide if it’s the correct product for them to choose, or that it definitely breaks eBay’s no graffiti rules (does it?), but it’s certainly an interesting development.

Logos on eBay imagesOther sellers, both of tech products and in other categories, are still adding manufacturer logos to their images. Whilst the logos again are probably helpful to buyers letting them know that it’s a quality branded product, again we’re not sure that these image are compliant with the new eBay rules.

Of course we may be judging these sellers overly harshly – whilst the rules apply to new or edited listings from the 8th of November and existing images don’t have to be edited before Spring 2014. However we’ve spotted several listings with logos and grafitti on screens that were lasted edited on or after the 9th of November.

Packaging in imageAnother trick we’ve seen is an increase in the number of product in packaging either as the main image or as a thumbnail in the main image. Whilst this doesn’t break the rules, it does of course mean that information such as the manufacturer’s name and other product information is highly visible to buyers.

The images above were all taken from this week’s daily deals. Whilst we have absolutely no desire to pick on any particular sellers, we figured that if eBay were monitoring any images that they’d be vetting the daily deals more closely than any other listings on the site. However it’s fair to say that while we’ve not displayed the images here, there are some daily deal listings with images that most definitely do not meet the new picture standards and we’re not sure why eBay are displaying them so prominently without insisting that the images be edited.

We have heard from a few sellers who weren’t aware of the rule changes and have suddenly discovered that their smaller than 500 pixel images are no longer acceptable on eBay. Naturally it’s been a bit of a problem for them as they were totally unprepared.. How are you finding the change though, have you had any listings blocked or reported for images that don’t comply?

We’d love to get a feel for what sellers are doing to optimise their images, if you’re using any of the ruses above to bypass the new rules, or if you’ve tried to game the system and been pulled up by eBay and asked to amend your listings.