Amazon eye up London Tube ticket offices

TubeThe London Tube is heading for many changes over the next two years – the introduction of overnight services to cater to London’s ever burgeoning nightlife and the retirement of Oyster cards in favour of contactless payments with debit or credit cards.

There’s one other change however that has got Amazon excited, Transport for London are likely to close all ticket offices in favour of contactless payments and automated ticket machines and that’s going to leave a lot of empty ticket office spaces up for grabs.

The FT reports that Transport for London are in talks with Amazon discussing the possibility of converting all those empty ticket offices into Amazon pick up locations for Amazon lockers. There are 260 managed stations on the Underground and potentially Amazon could install lockers in each location.

With some 1,229 million passengers using the Tube each year that’s a ton of potential parcels which could be collected by Amazon customers on their way to and from work each day. Not only that but what could be more convenient for Londoners than picking up their parcel at the nearest tube station to their house at the end of their daily commute home. Plus of course if they’ve stayed late in town there are no opening or closing times for Amazon Lockers, collection will be at the time and location of choice.