Amazon actively enforcing image guidelines

Amazon Images GuidelinesWe’ve had a few emails from Amazon sellers regarding enforcement of image guidelines, and it appears that the guys at are also being inundated with requests for help.

Amazon are informing sellers that some of their images are non-compliant and giving just 14 days to get them corrected. However they’re sending a sample file of sellers images saying “Please note that the sample sent to you contains both compliant and non-compliant ASIN images. We are not able to you just non-compliant images Please work to identify and amend those that are considered as non-compliant”.

Some of the points Amazon are picking up on are:
1. Non-pure white backgrounds
2. Multiple image views
3. Text/logos within images
4. Product packaging

Amazon are requesting (for requesting read “ordering”) seller to review their listings within 14 days warning that failure could result in Amazon seller account suspension.

We’ve heard that Amazon are actively working on an initiative across the “Softlines” categories to improve the visual representation of the ASIN images within the site and that that this requires consistency across images.

Amazon told that they are contacting their top offending sellers and insisting that they work towards adhering to the rules and regulations adding “We ideally want our contacted sellers to confirm receipt of our email and commit to work towards compliancy within the 14 days given. We will then assess each case individual in terms of time lines in resolving their full range of listings. We do understand that some ASIN images are more complex than others and may not be so trivial to solve, and take this into consideration“.

Amazon do have Style Guides (e.g. Shoes & Handbags and Clothing & Accessories) available which they’re emailing to sellers along with the request to correct images. They style guides detail exactly which product shots should be supplied and details of the composition of photos.

We’d recommend that even if you haven’t received an email that you request the style guide for your category and check your images before Amazon come calling. The closer it gets to Christmas the more onerous the 14 day grace period will become.