6.9 million Brits visited eBay UK last Christmas Day

According to numbers released by eBay UK today, shoppers aren’t waiting until Boxing Day before they start shopping again. Last Christmas Day, 6.9 million Britons visited eBay.co.uk. Of course, without a benchmark to tell us what they get on a normal day, it’s impossible to say whether thats lots or not. But it sounds pretty good.

The press release is not much more than a selection of trivia, and certainly not something on which to base a Christmas strategy, but it is quite jolly:

– The 40 – 50 year olds clocked up 73% more searches on eBay UK than the 18 – 30 year olds.
– Men clocked up 97% more searches than women on Christmas Day. (This says more about the division of labour on Christmas day in the average household than anything else, methinks.)
– 392 cars were sold.
– The sixth most popular search term was “unwanted Christmas presents.”