What you get when you pay for a Yodel 24 hour delivery

1036pm DeliveryI had a couple of deliveries due today, so I dutifully waited in. I can imagine there’s nothing more frustrating for a courier then turning up at the doorstep to find they have to card you.

11am came and the first courier (Parcelforce delivered). They were followed by DHL and Royal Mail. By 4.30pm I was getting frustrated and about 5pm I rang Yodel to find out where my parcel was.

I’d checked the tracking in the morning and at 7.19am it was out for delivery so I knew it should be on it’s way. Yodel explained that they have couriers who deliver during the day and Home Delivery Network couriers who might not start work before 5pm and work in the evenings. In other words I could have safely gone out for the afternoon, but not to worry they’d get the depot to contact me with an approximate delivery time and anyway my parcel should arrive by 9pm. They didn’t call back and my parcel didn’t arrive.

At two minutes to nine I rang Yodel again. Their customer service department were very apologetic. Maybe the courier is running late and will be there soon or they might deliver tomorrow. I asked what was the latest time they would deliver in the evening and was told maybe 10pm, but that they told me that was a guess – they really didn’t know.

I checked the tracking on the Yodel website again which was updated and now told me “We can’t see a delivery scan. If your parcel has not arrived it should be out for delivery tomorrow. Please check your tracking for updates in the morning”.

Yodel Tracking Information

The delivery has just taken place. It’s 24 minutes to 11 at night. Most of my neighbours have the lights out and are safely tucked up in bed! Should deliveries really be taking place at this time of night?

The thing that really annoys me is that there’s no need for this situation to occur. DPD for example send a text in the morning giving an hourly slot that your parcel will be delivered in. Perhaps not all couriers have their investment and sophistication, but it should be easy enough for Yodel to tell me my parcel is with a driver who doesn’t even start work before 5pm.

Times are tough, let’s be realistic. Your customers don’t want to pay top dollar for delivery – they probably want it for free. Do you really want your company represented by a courier that delivers at gone 10.30 in the evening though? Will that delight your customers or is it a step to far in the cost cutting game? If it’s this bad in October what will it be like in December?

Personally, I can assure you of one thing, I won’t be buying from a retailer that tells me they use Yodel unless they have an alternative delivery option available and I really don’t care if it costs me a couple of quid more.