The ultimate guide to Amazon: Buy Box Bible

The Buy Box BibleThe key to selling on Amazon is understanding how the Buy Box works. Now Feedvisor have released the Buy Box Bible, a free 37 page book is a absolute “Ultimate Guide” to the Amazon Buy Box.

Feedvisor offer an algorithmic repricing service which aims to maximise your sales using many more attributes than price alone. The aim is to reprice you to win the Amazon Buy Box, not to be the cheapest seller on the marketplace.

The Buy Box Bible covers all the secrets that Feedvisor have learnt including:

  • Exactly how the Buy Box works. Every. Last. Detail.
  • Every single variable that goes into determining the Buy Box winner.
  • How Buy Box rotations are calculated, and how they can help you beat Amazon themselves.
  • How to work with the Buy Box to maximize sales and profits.

You can download the Buy Box Bible from Feedvisor for free – if you’re serious about selling on Amazon this is one book you really can’t afford not to read.