Removethebackground eBay image editing connector

Removethebackground eBay ConnectorRemovethebackground have launched an eBay Integration, just in time for the deadline when you’ll no longer be able to edit quantities or other details on your listings without a picture which meets eBay’s new standards.

The Removethegbackground eBay connector enables you to filter through and select which images you’d like upgraded directly from your eBay listings. You can of course select just the images that eBay as flagged as non-compliant.

Removethegbackground will also automatically detect duplicate images so that you only pay once. You can also select if the images are for eBay, Amazon or both and Removethebackground create an image specification (minimum size, cropping, background colour, removal of graffiti, borders, logos, watermarks) based on the requirements of the marketplaces you select (we’d recommend compliance with all marketplaces so that you never have to worry again!). You can of course set your own requirements, for instance if you need a particular image size for your own website.

If you don’t want to use the eBay connector, Removethebackground also have an integration with Linnworks and are working on 10 more connectors to different marketplaces and services. For those using third party systems such as multi-channel management solutions or image hosting services – you can upload a csv, txt, json or xml file containing image URLs and any other data such as SKU, item ID, Title etc. Removethebackground will simply extract the URLs, edit the images and then replace the URLs in the file with new URLs. You can then import this file for instant update of all your images.

When you get your images back they’re ready to add back to your listings. You can download a zip file containing finished images and if you used the eBay connector, you can choose to have your images renamed with eBay item ID and then simply use the eBay item ID to find the correct listing and then add the URL(s) back to eBay.

Removethebackground have an incredible capacity of 750,000 images/month. They’re used to high volume and giving you a quick turnaround regardless of how many images you need editing.

The Removethegbackground eBay connector was developed in partnership with eBay – eBay themselves have mailed around 250,000 users advising them of the new service. eBay are keen to get your images compliant, not just because they don’t want to cancel your listings, but because they genuinely believe you’ll sell more with great pictures.