Picture standards delayed til 8th November

eBay Picture StandardseBay have delayed implementation of new picture standards to the 8th of November, they were supposed to kick into action today.

eBay said “We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause”. In truth though, I don’t think there’ll be much inconvenience – for those sellers who have already edited their listings there’s nothing to worry about. For those that haven’t they’ve got another week’s grace to comply.

I’m guessing that the daily deals team will be more than happy with the extra week, as they’ve still got a ton of graffiti ridden listings to get cleaned up. I’m guessing that it would be important to get the highest profile listings on eBay compliant with picture standards before they kick in, although in truth it’s much more likely to be a technical implementation delay than to give eBay enterprise sellers more time to comply.