PayPal withdrawal failure glitch

PayPal Bug BountyThere appears to be a glitch with PayPal withdrawals this morning. We’ve had a ton of people contact us to say that they’ve tried to withdraw funds to their bank accounts and they’ve bounced back.

Some people have even been charged for a failed withdrawal, others have repeatedly charged and had their bank account within PayPal disabled.

We’ve put a call into PayPal and will update you as soon as we have more news. The only advice we can offer at the moment is that if you do get a failed withdrawal don’t try again – wait until some news comes out of PayPal before you try again.

Not what anyone wants just as we’re coming into the busiest time of year, lets hope for everyone’s sake it gets resolved quickly. If you have been affected add a comment and let us know who you bank with in case there’s a pattern. We know for sure that both Lloyds and NatWest customers have been affected.

13.30hrs Updated to add PayPal apologise for the inconvenience and tell us that the issue has now been resolved so you’re safe to withdraw funds again. PayPal have told us that they’ll be refunding any fees that have been incurred through the glitch.