PayPal accounts may not be credited today

PayPal Bug BountyIt look like there may be a glitch with PayPal this morning – we’re getting reports of people logging into PayPal and finding that they have no money.

Whilst many people are reporting that their balance is about right, none of their transactions from the last 12 hours or so are showing.

Buyers are also reporting the inability to make payments for transactions and are getting the message that the sellers is unable to accept payments and to contact them to make alternative arrangements to complete the order.

Hopefully it’ll all get sorted fairly swiftly, but if you’ve got a load of payment emails and no money in your account at least you’ll now know why.

As normal the only tricky part will be when it all gets back to normal, will all you eBay sales be marked correctly as paid and will any be marked as paid when in reality the payment failed. Even if everything is restored and payments marked correctly sellers are doubtless going to have to spend time checking anyway and that’s why these payment bugs are so universally hated.

Edited to add We’ve just received the following:

For just under an hour last night, some PayPal customers may have experienced delays in seeing their PayPal account balance and transaction history updated or may have experienced errors when going through the PayPal web checkout flow or processing API calls. This was the result of a hardware error that was fully resolved at 1:28 AM PT. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. All account balances and transaction histories are now up-to-date and all services fully restored . If a customer has any questions regarding their account, we encourage them to contact our customer support team.

Whilst it’s a bit of a pain when it happens, it’s always good to know what went wrong. Hopefully everyone’s accounts have been fine for most of the day