Lack of sales complaints – Is it just you?

eBay Premium ServiceSince the new eBay Premium Service badges went live we’ve had a ton of sellers contact us complaining that sales have fallen off the cliff.

One seller told us “I am one of the 1,000s of sellers who are finding their eBay sales dropping at an alarming rate. Yet eBay customer support say there is no problem. Beginning to wonder if it would better to close our business.”

However equally to be fair we’ve heard from plenty of sellers that are pretty busy as you’d expect for this time of year.

eBay Search byIt’s fair to say that there is one thing that’s missing and that is the ability to search for only items from Top Rated Sellers. That’s disappeared from both the left navigation bar in search results as well as from the advanced search page. However personally I can’t see that this missing search option is totally to blame for a lack of sales.

It’s also worth remembering that search changed back in August. Whilst you may not have been seeing the new eBay Premium Service badge, your listings have been sorted according to the new rules for a number of weeks. The eBay Premium Service badge eventually went live on the 17th of September, but the search was in place prior to that.

So how are your sales? Are you one of those who are busy or are you twiddling your thumbs wondering where all the orders are?

Some standard tips we always suggest are:
1) Check your history! I know this sounds daft but are sales really down compared to last month and if so why? Have you….
2) …Checked your listings, how many new listings do you have up? Have you got all your stock listed? Do you have as many listings as before sales dropped?
3) Check your competitors, Terapeak is great for this. Are the products you have listed actually selling in volume? Have they lowered their prices, upped their service?
4) Search for your own products – are they showing up in search? Are you on the first page of search results? If not why not? What can you do to raise your listing profile?
5) Check your titles and Item Specifics. This is how you’re found in search. Have you updated your Item Specifics since the category changes mid last month, if you trade in the affected categories?
6) And finally (dare I say it) do you qualify for eBay Premium Service? If not do your competitors? If your competitors do then perhaps there’s a way you can make it work for you too.