Interest free loans to cover Amazon disbursement failure

As reported yesterday, it appears that Amazon possibly had issues disbursing funds into seller’s bank accounts. Judging by the comments in the previous post there is a lot of uncertainty and concern among sellers on how this may affect their cashflow. Amazon have had a problem, but small businesses don’t have the luxury of deferring their bills. Also, in the critical period running up to Christmas, sellers cannot afford to miss out on opportunities that could make or break their year.

IWOCA01-Creative-Evo5-edit5-LandmarkThat’s why iwoca, the leading e-commerce lender, has decided to step in; they will offer interest-free funding for up to 2 weeks to affected sellers to ensure that they won’t lose out. Sellers need to sign up on iwoca’s website and send their account manager evidence of the failed disbursement before withdrawing funds. Furthermore, they will fast-track applications to make sure eligible sellers have access to funds swiftly.

We don’t want any seller to miss out during this critical period. We have already heard from a number of customers who have concerns about upcoming disbursements and want to make that sellers don’t get hit by a potential lack of capital” says Christoph Rieche, co-founder of iwoca. “Sadly, we may not have enough funds for all sellers but the offer stands until we run dry“‘