How is your Christmas selling going so far?

Hopefully your ecommerce business is already really ramping up for Christmas 2013.

Of course, for many, a seasonal bump in the fourth quarter isn’t how your business works. But for most, that is the case. I know businesses that grow 200% from October to December and then retract for the rest of the year. This is the peak online selling season and 2013 promises to be better than ever.

Two clouds on the horizon. On real, one metaphorical. There are reports that November is going to snow-clagged and bitter this year. You might not give much credence to the weathermen (and after the past few years, that would make sense) but it looks like we might have serious cold and snow. We’ll see.

And then there is the prospect of Royal Mail strikes. As always that will be a real headache to deal with. It’s also a massive opportunity for the new generation of couriers out there.

And the UK has found a bit of growth. So maybe people want to spend more, despite the massive gas and electricity bills we’ll all face somewhere down the line. There must surely be cause for some optimism?

Tamebay straw poll. How’s it going so far?