Has everyone been paid by Amazon?

amazonWe were utterly inundated by email and calls early last week when our ever vigilant and helpful Tamebay readers (that means you!) reported that they hadn’t been paid by Amazon. On the 15th of October, lots of you reported delays in Amazon “disbursement“.

Even if everything is in order and you’ve got good and fluid cashflow, it is always a bugger not to get paid when you expect it. And some of the sums mentioned were quite substantial and hair-raising. One Tamebay correspondent reported that just shy of a quarter of a million quid was going to be late hitting his account.

He had everything in order and could sustain the delay…. for a week or two. But it really must have been squeaky bum time. And of course, if you’re reliant on a payment coming in, even small sums can make you reach for the brown trousers.

We put in some calls and enquiries to Amazon HQ but didn’t get much (Any!) info back (and if we had, we would have passed it on).

But I do like to follow up. Has everyone been paid up as due? How long did it take?