announces 9m users and 5m projects completed

Skills marketplace seems to be going great guns. This week they have reported that they’ve completed their 5 millionth freelance task and gathered together a community of 9 million freelancers and people who need them.

Britain, India, the US, Canada and Australia are all major markets. CEO Matt Barrie says: “It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business in Kansas, or a budding entrepreneur in Dhaka; is the number one platform for building your business. With over 600 job categories on the site, employers are able to get almost any task completed. The top category remains websites, IT and software development as businesses continue to rush online.”

I’ve never used (but I am a massive fan of which has been very useful to me and Tamebay in the past few years. So if you do use Freelancer, some real world comment would be appreciated.