First Europe-wide survey on online-trade sales bans

Have you been affected by a manufacturer banning you from selling your products or restricting how you can sell them and imposing restrictions for trading online? Where you a BigJigs or The Puppet Company retailer and are now unable to sell their products?

Choice in eCommerce have announced the first Europe-wide survey on online-trade sales bans. With this survey, they aim to uncover the facts about sales bans and their consequences and will be highlighting the results in the media. The survey is already running in Germany, launches today in the UK, with a French and Italian version to follow next week.

If you’ve been affected by restrictive trade practices the fill out the survey which will only take a couple of minutes. The higher the number of participants in the survey, the more representative and hence meaningful will be the outcome and of course the higher the profile the issue will receive in the press.