Fed up with location abuse? Me too!

Location AbuseMonday morning and the first email I receive is for a purchase I made last night:

HI, Sorry for that the item has been sold out,would you mind waiting a few more days?it will be come in stock on the Thursday.of course I will make the refund to you if you want,please advise.
Kindly regards

The purchase was from a multi-variation listing but the seller still has that variation showing on eBay with a quantity of “10 available” showing.

What’s even more annoying is that once again it’s turned out to be a seller based in China who supposedly has their stock in Manchester. They may well be dispatching from Manchester but their stock certainly isn’t based there and they’re still selling stock which is in China. I’m getting fed up with purchasing on eBay just to discover that I’m dealing with a seller who isn’t where they say they are, not that I have a problem purchasing with China, just that I’d like to know I am before I make the purchase.

In fairness to this seller they may well ship their items to the UK in bulk and despatch from Manchester, but if that’s the case they should only list the stock that’s already sitting in Manchester and have it available for immediate despatch. I’m certainly not going to get “Fast & Free” delivery “On or before Tues. 29 Oct” which is what I was promised in the listing.

Being an easy going buyer I emailed the seller to say that any colour would do – just ship me something. That got the reply:

hi,all the colour have been sold out.would you like to wait or cancel this order?

In other words on a variation listing with 10 variation options they’ve not got a single item in stock in the UK.

Location abuse appears to be just as prevalent on eBay as it always has been. Next time I think I’ll purchase from Amazon!