eBay remind sellers 14 day returns now mandatory

ReturnsIf you’re like most sellers you’ve probably already updated your listings to meet the new returns policy which has now come into effect.

All sellers must now specify who pays for returns (the seller or the buyer) and offer a minimum 14 day return policy. eBay today reminded sellers that not only is the new policy mandatory for business sellers, but that in 2014 the EU law on returns will be raised from 7 working days to 14 days – eBay are just getting policies in place to ensure they and their sellers are compliant when the law changes.

eBay say that “Research shows that buyers appreciate the peace of mind of shopping from sellers who offer returns and items with a clear returns policy typically sell better than those without”. Here at Tamebay, although we like the sound of more sales, think it’s a bit of a moot point – if all sellers have to comply then there’s no competitive advantage available (bar offering an even longer returns period), all that really matters is that we have to comply or we won’t be able to sell on eBay. That being the case a quick check that all your listings are compliant wouldn’t be amiss.