eBay Image Standards: Dates you need to know

eBay’s new pictures standards have now started to roll out, but it’s a gradual roll out depending on the new image criteria and which listing tool you’re using. There are four main changes:

1) Requirement to add at least one picture to all new listings

This requirement is now live if you’re using the Sell Your Item form or Turbolister. It will become mandatory for all other listing tools from the 30th of October.

2) Use of catalogue images for used items is prohibited

If you’re selling second hand items then you must take your own product shots and not use eBay Catalogue or manufacture shots of new products. This requirement is also now live if you’re using the Sell Your Item form or Turbolister. It will become mandatory for all other listing tools from the 30th of October.

3) Minimum image size is 500 pixels on the longest side

The minimum size of 500 pixels will come into effect on the 30th of October. However if you’re adjusting your images to meet the other requirements it makes sense get this done at the same time.

4) Don’t include graffiti on pictures

By the 30th of October you’ll need to have removed all text, borders, flags and other decorations from your images.

Why are eBay changing standards

The reason that eBay are making these changes is quite simple – it aligns with their goals to become a more retail orientated company and so retail standards for images are now kicking in. Standard across the industry are multiple product shots on white backgrounds with no graffiti and zoom and enlarge capabilities. eBay have already given us the ability to upload up to 12 images, so that’s the multiple product shots taken care of. Now it’s up to retailers to ensure that the images they upload are compliant with the other changes.

It’s worth noting that many sellers take photographs of products “in situ”, to give an idea of how the product could look in the consumers home or garden. Whilst this type of product shot isn’t banned, it’s not desirable but eBay say they’ll leave it to consumers and Best Match to sort out. Their belief is that gradually stunning product shots on white backgrounds will outperform other images.

What if I don’t comply

eBay aren’t sharing how they’re scanning for non-compliant images on listings – that’s quite normal as if you know the rules you can game the system. However they did tell us that if a seller uploads pictures with graffiti or incorrect pixels they do run the risk of customer support taking them down. Hopefully Best Match will be the carrot to convince sellers to conform to eBay’s requirements and the threat of sanctions won’t be needed.

Here at Tamebay we’re well aware that sellers have been optimising their images over the years and are convinced that borders, text, flags and other accoutrements do make a difference, especially to differentiate yourself from overseas sellers and to make your listings “pop” in search results when a buyer scans the page. We’ve every sympathy for you, but rules are rules and eBay has spoken.

Who can help me edit my images?

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