CWU protest outside the London Stock Exchange

CWU Protest outside London Stock Exchange Great Mail RobberyThe CWU got their final hurrah in today when a massive crowd of 20 turned up to protest from 7am to 9am outside the London Stock Exchange. Two of them were even dressed in the standard bank robber gear of black and white striped shirts.

Obviously hardly anyone turned up, it’s not that posties aren’t used to getting up early but that they’re all hard at work as the results of their strike ballot won’t be known until next week.

Billed as “The Great Mail Robbery” they did however manage to get prime time on almost every news channel this morning, but it’s a bit of a nine minute wonder and now Royal Mail is all but sold (it’ll become final on Tuesday), there’s not a lot left to protest at.

It remains to be seen if the £2200 worth of shares for each postie (which they can’t cash in yet – they can’t be sold for the next five years) is enough to keep them off the picket lines. We’ll know next week whether the strikes are coming or if by some miracle Vince Cable manages to dodge that particular bullet.

Mr Cable is correct in one thing though, he’s said “What matters is where the price eventually settles in three or six months’ time” and that today’s share price hike to over £4.50 doesn’t really matter. By the time we know if the country got value for money or if we sold of the family heirloom for a pittance he’ll be looking forward to his pension and everyone else will have lost interest.