Automate your entire business with AutoMCF

AutoMCF hmA couple of days ago I discovered AutoMCF, a way to automate your multi-channel fulfillment with Amazon FBA, and that includes fulfilling your eBay orders.

Barry, a long time Tamebay reader suggested I take a look so I had a chat with Brian Nolan, Co-Founder & CEO of Sellbrite, the company behind AutoMCF. Over the years we’ve had a lot of readers ask for a simple inventory management system that would synch their stock across all channels, AutoMCF does this and then gets Amazon to ship your stock for you. Sound interesting? Get ready to shut your warehouse and read on.

Basically AutoMCF connects your marketplace listings to Fulfillment by Amazon, automating order entry and syncing inventory across all channels. Once you’ve connected your marketplace accounts (Amazon (US and EU), eBay (US and EU), Rakuten Shopping, Newegg and Sears) to your Amazon-fulfilled inventory, items get imported into AutoMCF. You select which products you’d like autoMCF to take care of and you’re all set ready to go.

From then on every time you get an order, regardless of platform, the order will be retrieved by AutoMCF, reformated to Amazon’s requirements and sent to Amazon for fulfillment. Once Amazon has picked, packed and despatched your item the tracking number is retrieved from your FBA account and added back to the original marketplace order which is then marked as shipped.

Finally, your Amazon-fulfilled inventory quantities are synced and updated on your eBay, Rakuten, Sears and Newegg marketplace accounts to prevent overselling!

The cost is $79 per month so seems like an absolute bargain, less than the price of a featured eBay shop. Of course AutoMCF can only work to it’s full potential for FBA products, but once they’re taken care of you’ll have a lot less work to do. There’s also a free 15 day trial available and no need to enter your credit card for billing during the trial period.