Amazon disbursement failure – Funds not paid

Amazon BugIt would appear that Amazon may have had a problem disbursing funds into seller’s bank accounts. They are sending emails to their customers saying:

Amazon disbursement failure email

Your most recent transfer in the amount of £xxxxx was not successfully deposited into your bank account on file ending in xxxx. The funds were returned to us and we have removed the current bank account information from your seller account. To receive funds you will need to update your bank account information by following these instructions:

1. Log in to your seller account and go to your seller account information page.
2. In the Deposit Method section, click Edit.
3. Update your account with a valid bank account and routing number.
Your funds will be deposited in the updated bank account on the next scheduled transfer date.

Check your bank balance and don’t go overdrawn!

Some sellers are also telling us that their bank details and business address details have disappeared from their Seller Account page. However they can still see the payments which should have been made to their bank accounts and their balance in their Amazon account has increased by the sum of failed payments.

Amazon only pay every two weeks, so this is potentially serious for sellers as it could be another two weeks before payments arrive, unless Amazon can correct the disbursements and make an extra curricular payment to affected sellers.

Make sure you check your bank account and if required delay payments until the next scheduled transfer date which may be the earliest that you see the funds. That’s not only in two weeks time but it normally takes a further week for the payment to hit your bank account.