Rumour: eBay soon to set up eBay Russia

RussiaFollowing the news that PayPal now accepts rubles to appeal to the Russian market, we’ve done some digging and come up with some rumours that eBay are eyeing up the country.

eBay are apparently planning to set up eBay Russia so that Russian citizens can not only buy, but also sell both within and outside Russia. The aim is of course to open up more opportunities for countries such as the UK Europe to sell into Russia as well as well as enabling Russians to buy and sell.

There is however one remaining problem and that’s deliveries. To a handful of the biggest Russian cities deliveries are completed, although not particularly speedily. For the far flung reaches of the giant country deliveries can take literally months to arrive.

The Moscow Times reports that eBay are exploring partnerships with Russian couriers and names new delivery service Dostami Express, which operates independently of Russian Post. It’s claimed that parcels can be delivered in seven to ten days from the US to Russian destinations.

We’ve not had any confirmation, but as PayPal now accept Rubles there’s nothing bar cracking the delivery issues to prevent eBay opening up shop. Not only that but Russians have been able to buy on eBay in their own language since 2010. If Russians can also sell on eBay and hold a PayPal balance they’ll probably be that more willing to purchase from sellers in the West.