PayPal launch reimagined PayPal App

PayPal-Reimagined-AppPayPal have launched a brand new version of the PayPal app for Android, iPhone and Windows. (Significantly if you’re on Blackberry there’s no app – are Blackberries finally dead?).

The biggest immediate change is the colours – gone are the dull browns (what were PayPal thinking of?). The browns are still there on some screens, but for the new Local screen it’s back to the normal PayPal blue tones.

The big focus is on local shopping and offers (although you won’t find too many offers in the UK so far). Now the Check In feature gets it’s own tab which automatically displays the retailers closest to you. Once you’ve selected a retailer the check in screen has changed from a pin to pull down to a curved slider which is much more prominent.

Local is the first of five tabs on the home screen, the others are Wallet (where you manage your payment methods, add or withdraw funds, and can add and remove credit/debit cards), Activity (History of your payments, both on and offline), Transfer (Where you can make payments to email addresses or mobile numbers) and Settings (Where you can add a profile picture and set a PIN).

In truth many of the features on the reimagined PayPal app you won’t be using until more retailers start offering PayPal payments. However it’s now a much nicer experience than the PayPal website, much quicker to withdraw funds and a much slicker experience. Of course as a seller if you need to download your account history you’ll want to use the browser version, but for day to day payments and the ability to withdraw funds to your bank account on the go it’s perfect.