Free listing promo for invited private sellers

You’d think that having knocked insertion fees down to just 15p from as high as £1.30, and for listings with a start price under 99p a 100 free listings and then just 5p, that would be enough.

FLDIt’s not though, not content with a massive price drop just three days ago, eBay are running a free listing promotion for selected private sellers this weekend – the 7th and 8th of September. Those invited to participate can list up to 100 items with a start price of £1 or more for free.

If you’ve been invited to participate you should get an email. What is interesting however is that even with the reduction in fees to free, 5p or 15p, it appears that eBay will continue to run price promotions.

Don’t forget that if you are a private seller you’ll also be paying fees on postage from now on.

NB: Someone at eBay needs to update the Private Seller Fees page, the insertion fees changed on the 4th of September three days ago but the old fee schedule is still live!