eSellerPro tips for optimising listings

eSellerPro had some great advice for their sellers on listing optimisation at their seller update today. Most of it is pretty basic stuff which all sellers should be doing anyway, but it’s surprising how many still don’t. They explained that they have seen sellers implement the following simple steps and then had traffic to their listings triple and sales double.

It’s all about being found in eBay search and making sure that your listings are visible in search and the more eyes on your listings the more likely you are to get that sale. Search visibility is the single most important factor in your eBay success – if you don’t appear on the first few pages of search results then you won’t get sales.

1) Optimise titles for each marketplace

eBay users titles and item specifics for search – don’t repeat information everywhere. Don’t forget that on multi-variation listings each variation also counts as a keyword in search. Don’t spam eBay with the same sizes and colours twice.

Relevant phrase / word chain for each marketplace – use tools like Bayestimator, Google keyword planner and Terapeak, for instance do people search for “Laptops” or “Cheap Laptops”?

Use researched words and related reports to monitor

Avoid irrelevant words such as “New” “and” etc, as they’re taking up space which could be used for keywords (eBay 80 characters, Amazon 100 but varies).

2) eBay Item Specifics

Make sure that you use the eBay values for item specifics – if you use alternatives then they’ll not show up in the left hand side product specifics on the search page. When a buyer drills down for a particular size, colour or manufacturer your product will be excluded hiding your item if your item specifics don’t match.

Using the correct item specifics will also help your items be visible in search – think of them as an extension of the title.

3) Clean your images

Clean your listings up if you have watermarks, borders, flags or other graffiti on your images you should remove them if you haven’t already. This change will help conversion rates and ranking.

4) Price

eSellerPro didn’t mention price as being an important factor, mainly because they wanted to give tips which don’t cost you money. Price is however important and I’ve often seen listings sitting on eBay at anything up to 10 times the current market price. If you’ve listed a product at an attractive price it doesn’t mean that price will still be attractive six months later. If you’ve not revised your prices recently it’s time to do so before you miss out on Christmas sales.