#ebaytonywatch Your goods or get your money back

eBay Tony is back with a vengeance, there’s hardly a page on eBay today that he’s not been lurking.

eBay TonyWe wanted to find out more and we managed to track Tony down. He’s a real guy and works for eBay over in Ireland in eBay customer support and has worked for both seller protection and buyer protection. We managed to persuade him into a quick photo shoot between phone calls.

So apart from being the face of trust and safety, why are we seeing Tony all over eBay? Well if you check the messaging there’s a clue in there. “eBay Buyer Protection” is being phased out in favour of the “eBay Money Back Guarantee”. eBay will gradually introduce more retail like terminology such “14 Days Refund” and “Returns Accepted”.

Protection eBay Money Back GuaranteeeBay Tony Money Back GuaranteeOne of the reasons for the change is “Buyer Protection” is quite frankly a bit negative. It implies that we sellers are a dodgy crowd that buyers need protecting from. The vast majority of sellers give fantastic service and that’s what eBay say they want to highlight.

eBay Money Back GuaranteeThere are no changes to the actual processes and standards but eBay’s research suggests that buyers are still wary and don’t know that they’ve covered with 14 day returns and no quibble refunds from business sellers. This puts them off, especially when thinking about buying high ticket items.

Think back, what’s the most expensive item you’ve purchased on eBay? £100? £500? £1000, £5000? How high would you go? Tony’s there to encourage you (or more importantly encourage your customers) not to think twice but to just go ahead and purchase knowing that you’re covered. If you do ever have to ring eBay support you never know, it might just turn out to be Tony on the end of the phone.