eBay Premium Service (TRS) badge live on 17th

eBay Premium ServiceEdited to add: We’ve just heard from eBay that the date for the eBay Premium Service badge to go live has changed to the 17th of September.

eBay Premium ServiceIn the mean time Tamebay Reader Whirly has spotted the Top Rated Seller designator has changed to eBay Premium Service on his listings.

On Tuesday, 10th of September, the new Top Rated Seller badge is due to start being displayed on listings. An important change which hasn’t been shouted about is that the consumer branding will also be changing to “eBay Premium Service”.

eBay have already retired the PowerSeller brand in all but name. No buyer on eBay will ever see the PowerSeller logo to references to PowerSellers on eBay. Now it looks like Top Rated Seller is going the same way as the badge is retired from public view.

You’ll still want to qualify as a Top Rated Seller, but it’s your individual listings that will get the new eBay Premium Service logo. eBay say that “We want the badge to represent a consistent set of services that are available to a buyer“.

In my opinion eBay now have too many seller classifications – we have Private Sellers, PowerSellers, Business Sellers, Top Rated Sellers and now eBay Premium Service.

There’s little difference between the three different business seller classifications – You have to be a Business Seller to be a PowerSeller. PowerSellers get access to the PowerSeller board but that’s about the only benefit.

To be a Top Rated Seller, again you have to be a Business Seller. Top Rated Sellers are all about standards and there’s still a boost in search for being Top Rated.

To get maximum boost in search and the revised seller discounts, you’ll have to list to qualify for eBay Premium Service, which means your listings will need to:

  • Minimum 14 days returns period (mandatory anyway from September)
  • 1 day or same day dispatch
  • An express 24 hour delivery option, and
  • A free domestic delivery option

NB The free delivery option does NOT have to be the first offered – you can order your delivery options in whichever order you wish to present them to your buyers.

Are you, or have you already, edited your listings to qualify for eBay Premium Service? We’re guessing many sellers may be editing their listings this weekend if they’ve not already done so. The big question is of course do the discounts make it worth offering the eBay Premium Service, or will you save more money on your courier bill than by qualifying for the discounts.

The one thing that we don’t currently know is exactly how much of a boost qualifying for eBay Premium Service offers. Have you noticed a rise or fall in sales or significant changes to your position in Best Match search? Let us know what you’re seeing.