eBay Premium Service badge now on listings

eBay Premium Service Listing DisplayThe eBay Premium Service badge is now showing live on listings across eBay UK. It’s the equivalent of the Top Rated Seller Plus badge on eBay.com, but with slightly different requirements.

The messaging to buyers is that “For this item, the seller provides: eBay Premium Service” and as well as showing on the view item page the logo also appears in search results listings.

eBay Premium Service IreneFronted by Irene from eBay UK, there’s a new landing page which eBay will be promoting to buyers extolling the virtues of buying eBay Premium Service listings.

eBay are telling buyers that “eBay Premium Service helps you identify items from sellers that offer the best services. This means you’ll receive the item you ordered from the seller, when you need it, with a clear returns window“.

In order to check the badge is showing on your own listings all you need to is navigate to any of your listings and click on the “View sellers other items”, and you’ll be able to scroll down the page to check that the new badge is showing. eBay do of course have a display in the seller dashboard which should confirm this information but we’re aware it might have some bugs at the moment.

Do you have the badge on your listings and if not do you plan to make the changes to qualify or do you think you’ll save more money by not offering the requisite standards? Let us know if you see any increase or decrease in sales now that the badges are live.