Delivery Claims Database launched

Delivery Claims DatabaseCompensation claims for non-delivery are a regular occurrence that successful ecommerce businesses have to contend with. It’s one of the unpalatable costs that have to be absorbed. In addition, there’s increasing pressure on sellers to provide free delivery so it’s important to know when a more expensive tracked service might be prudent in order to avoid potential claims. Wouldn’t it be useful to know how many times a particular address has claimed that their item was not delivered?

The Delivery Claims Database aim to cut some of the cost of failed online deliveries, which in 2012 they say was a massive £851m. Launched this month by Postal Options, it’s a subscription-based service whereby subscribers can share information on delivery compensation claims and search the database to find historical claims at address level.

Currently it’s a manual process to search the database, but we’re told that coming down the line will be an automated process. In addition each time you have a postage loss you can add the address to the database.

Would you like to be alerted that a particular address or postcode area suffers a lot of missing parcels. Perhaps it’s a particular courier which just doesn’t perform well in that area and you can switch the delivery to a different carrier or upgrade to a tracked signed for service.

The cost is £75 per year, although they’ve supplied a 50% discount for Tamebay readers (valid up to 30th September by using the code TAMEBAY50).

Is this something that you’d use for your business? Would you take the time to check addresses or have you already built losses into your business plan and just accept that they’re a cost of trading? Would you like the ability to add details of parcels which are claimed as lost into the database?