Who unplugged the Google server?

Google CrashWhat would happen if Google ceased to exist? Would the world end? Perhaps not, but the Internet would be impacted as was demonstrated by a dip in traffic on Saturday lunch time when Google fell over.

This wasn’t just Google search, which is probably what most people think of when referring to Google, it was every single Google service going including Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Talk, Drive, Documents, Sites, Groups and Google Maps, not to mention adverts. The whole shebang fell off the net as if it had never existed.

The outage was only for a few minutes, but in the five minutes that Google was offline global Internet traffic fell by 40%, followed by a huge spike as soon as they came back online. GoSquared Engineering have a graphic showing the outage in detail.

GoSquared’s real-time tracking of Google Outage

How much do you rely on Google? Could you survive if they had a prolonged outage? More to the point how would your customers survive. Would they even know that alternatives like Bing or Yahoo (powered by Bing) exist?