Sellers still being charged for 12 gallery images

Gallery Not Yet FreeWe’ve had a couple of readers contact us over the weekend who have been hit with invoices for the 12 “free” gallery images available on listings from August the 1st.

Don’t revise your existing listings before the 1st of September

One seller that contacted us followed eBay’s headline advice “Additional pictures now free for all sellers, From 1 August, you’ll be able to upload up to 12 pictures to each of your listings free of charge“. There was no warning in his channel management software as he revised his existing listings and he now has a £300 bill for additional images.

It’s not particularly clear in the Seller Release (and hidden away in the FAQ), but eBay say “You’ll need to relist your item or renew your listing to take advantage of the new free pictures. Good ‘Til Cancelled listings will receive the new reduced picture fees on renewal”.

In other words if you simply add images to your existing listings then you’ll be charged for them. You only get “free” images when you relist or renew your Good Til Cancelled or 30 day listings – you need to end and relist them or renew them to qualify.

The issue appears to be the billing period, if your listing was billed prior to the 1st of August the old fee structure still applies to them as far as Gallery images are concerned. It’s only once they renew that the new fees with the 12 free gallery images apply.

By all means update images on old listings one by one as they renew, but to be safe we’d advise holding off bulk revising old listing until September as by then they’ll all have renewed and in the mean time only adding more than one gallery image to newly created listings.