Royal Mail: Large Letter ban for Ecommerce?

Royal Mail is considering altering the large letters services for paid for goods

If Royal Mail were to further focus its products so that ‘paid for goods’ were only allowed via Royal Mail 24/ 48 hour services and not via large letters, how would this affect you? [Letters up to 100g would still be allowed to contain ‘paid for goods’ such as tickets].”

Above is just one question from a survey sent out to many Royal Mail customers. Tamebay readers who took part in the survey used words such as “Scary” “Apoplectic” in their reactions.

Royal Mail Strike 677

This is a big deal for ecommerce. If you can’t send paid for goods in large letters then you’re forced to use Royal Mail 24 or Royal Mail 48 instead. It’s pretty much a jiffy bag ban.

Whichever large letter tariff you’re currently using, if you’re not allowed to send paid for (eBay, Amazon and Website sales) via large letters then your prices are going to be hiked.

You also may find that you’re forced to use services which attract VAT, even if you’re not VAT registered.

At Tamebay we still think Royal Mail is a great company. They’re the very best at delivering light weight items to every single door in the country at a flat rate, with no silly surcharges for the far flung corners of the UK, even including the Channel Islands (which aren’t even in the EU).

However, banning ecommerce parcels from the large letter service would simply be a price hike disguised as a service change. What does it matter if it’s a birthday gift or an eBay purchase inside a large letter? What’s the difference between receiving a catalogue or a decoupage kit that you’ve paid for?

Do you use Royal Mail Large Letters to despatch any of your ecommerce sales? Tell us what the impact of being banned from using Large Letters would have on your business.