Royal Mail comment on the future of Large Letter service after Tamebay report

Earlier this week Tamebay reported that Royal Mail were surveying ecommerce sellers with this question:

If Royal Mail were to further focus its products so that ‘paid for goods’ were only allowed via Royal Mail 24/ 48 hour services and not via large letters, how would this affect you? [Letters up to 100g would still be allowed to contain ‘paid for goods’ such as tickets].

It’s a pretty specific question that might give us insight into the things that Royal Mail people are thinking to find greater monetisation in advance of their privatisation.

The article caught the eye of staff at Royal Mail and Tamebay has been sent a statement. Here it is verbatim. What do you think?

>> Royal Mail says:

Royal Mail is committed to maintaining a large letters format for its Royal Mail 24 and Royal Mail 48 services.

From time to time Royal Mail seeks the opinions of its customers in relation to our on-going plans to improve our products and services. Recently a number of businesses may have been asked to participate in research which sought to gain insight into customer’s opinions and an understanding of current behaviours on how paid for items are sent using various large letter formats.

It would appear that some customers might have drawn the conclusion that paid for items may no longer be allowed through large letter formats.

We are sorry for any confusion caused, Royal Mail sees the value in items which can be delivered via the letter-box and is committed to maintaining the large letter format within the Royal Mail 24 and Royal Mail 48 service.

The research question about paid for goods and the large letter format was asked in order to provide an understanding of how our customers use various large letters formats for paid for goods. Royal Mail wanted to understand the impacts upon our processing of large letter items, which can vary for business mail and correspondence and paid for goods.