How to find Royal Mail Detailed Tracking

Simon of Maldon Jewellery aims to help his customers by providing tracking information in emails. Today he’s got some useful tips on how to achieve this and get the most out of Royal Mail’s tracking.

Royal Mail Track and TraceSimon explains that if you want to track a parcel sent through Royal Mail you’ll probably got to their home page and enter your tracking number. You’ll end up at which simply tells you if your parcel is delivered or still in the system.

However there’s a much more useful tracking service at which will tell you where your parcel is along it’s route. Not only does this enable you to give detailed tracking information to customers that request it, but you can also send them the information up front.

Simon had a play with URLs and discovered that the following format will auto insert the tracking number and display comprehensive tracking information.

Simply replace AA000100019GB with your valid Royal Mail tracking number and email the URL to your customers. The image above shows the information detail that they’ll be presented with.

Pretty neat and something I didn’t know, so we really appreciate Simon sharing the information, but he didn’t stop there. Simon shared another of his favourite sites – This site gives detailed tracking information for the UK, Russia, Canada, US and Australia.

Two great tracking tips from Maldon Jewellery, if you’ve got any great time saving, information gathering or service related tips to share drop us an email as we’d love to write about them on Tamebay.