Flubit re-focus on beating Amazon prices

Flubit have announced that from today they will only accept user ‘Demands’ with an amazon.co.uk URL.

Flubit’s decision is in response to an Amazon URL being used for the majority of the 100,000+ Demands they have ever received. By streamlining their service to solely beat Amazon prices, they will be able to send offers back to users much quicker and significantly increase the volume of Demands the site can handle.

Since launching last September, Flubit have hosted over £1m GMV of transactions. These have effectively been diverted from other ecommerce sites to their own platform and merchants.

This success has come from offering online shoppers a unique and addictive service (their average customer has already placed 3.5 orders).

Buying on Flubit requires users to state the product they want by creating a Demand. This is done by copying & pasting the link of a product page from any online store, or using the recently launched bookmarklet. Flubit then match this to a product in their 3m+ catalogue, create the user a private offer from one of their merchants and host the resulting transaction.

Flubit’s catalogue already has exceptional overlap with Amazon’s because most of their merchants are Amazon sellers. The strategy change allows Flubit to get the most out of this catalogue, and take advantage of the lower prices merchants send them.

What this mean for Flubit sellers?

If you sell on Flubit, there will be no operational impact for you and their 0% up-front fee structure remains the same. The only difference is that all future Flubit orders will have been diverted from Amazon, and users won’t be able to Demand using a URL from your site. If you send Flubit inventory that isn’t listed on Amazon, this can no longer be sold on Flubit but you don’t need to remove it from your feed.

If you’d like to sell on Flubit or learn more, register your interest at weflubit.com.