Finding out more about Storefeeder

Storefeeder - Brian and KarlWith the announcement that Storefeeder are offering a three month free trial to all eBay Featured and Anchor shop subscribers, I wanted to find out more about the company. I went to meet Brian and Karl from Storefeeder this week to take a look around their offices and get a demo of their solution.

First surprise was when I turned up outside their offices. I was under the impression I was visiting a relatively small software company. How wrong was I, it turns out Storefeeder are privately owned along-side Meads Ltd and their buildings stretch half of one side of the street.

Storefeeder, Meads Ltd and UK Fulfilment have a maze of interconnected warehouses which are hidden behind the unassuming red brick facade of the Storefeeder building and the neighbouring Meads Ltd whitewashed building. Whilst they’re not ultramodern glass fronted offices, inside is a truly impressive operation. Storefeeder have over 20 years multi-channel and fulfilment experience working with everyone from top brands to various government departments.

So, Storefeeder offer multi-channel Stock control and Order Processing with intelligent warehousing, what makes them different from their competitors? Well firstly they actually use the software in anger for their own operations. That makes a difference as if something doesn’t work as well as it could it’s themselves that would suffer, so naturally they’ve ironed out all the wrinkles.

The software appears pretty good as well – it has niceties such as sorting picking lists so that you start at the back of the warehouse and work towards the front (who wants to put the heavy items from the front in their trolley and work their way back just to carry the lot to the front again)? Storefeeder can even give advice on reorganising your warehouse to be more efficient once they’ve some history on how your business works.

It’s not just order processing either, if you take the time to add weights and dimensions to products, Storefeeder will automatically know what size box your packer should use and which is the most cost effective carrier to ship that order with.

Almost every screen of the Storefeeder software that I looked at had more surprises in the amount of experience that’s gone into building it and every time I asked if the Storefeeder could do something the answer was yes. Not only that but there’s a friendly team to help and guide users while they’re setting up and learning the software.

Storefeeder are less focused on numbers of clients, more focused on good quality service which is why you may not have heard about them as much as other solutions, but they’re most definitely worth looking at if you’re considering a solution. They’re also about the only company that can offer a complete end-to-end proposition – website & eBay design combined with multi-channel software and fulfilment to complete the picture.

If you’re considering which multichannel solution would work for you (even if you’re only using one channel), sign up for the three month trial of Storefeeder while it’s free and find out what it can do for you.