eBay Update Private Seller Fees

eBay InvoiceeBay have now announced the updates to fees for Private Sellers and as expected they too will be paying fees on the postage element of sales. From the 4th of September Private Seller final value fees will be charged based on the combined value of the item listed plus postage.

Private sellers with a Basic Shop will get 200 free fixed price listings per month, up from the current 20 listings. Insertion fees for subsequent listings will be 20p and noteworthy is that media items will no longer be priced differently.

Auction insertion fees are also changing but auctions with a starting price up to 99p will still receive the monthly 100 free insertion fee allowance. From the 101st listing, the insertion fee will be 5p for all categories including media (a change from 5p for media and 10p for all other categories)

For auctions with a start price of £1 and over the insertion fee will be a flat 15p, replacing the previous insertion fee bands and representing a considerable saving for listing items with higher start prices.