eBay trial new fashion buying experience with Dressipi

Have you noticed any changes to the search and buying experience in women’s fashion on eBay? I certainly haven’t but it’s all change there as eBay is trying out a new shopping experience in an interesting hook-up with Dressipi.

Dressipi 1

The trial went live to female fashion buyers this week. Starting with a small group, it will be rolled out to more buyers as the results are measured but over the 6 month period of the trial it will not be available to all shoppers.

So what are the differences? Dressipi is a London-based fashion and technology start-up that has developed a system they call the Fashion Fingerprint that uses buyers’ size, shape and fashion preferences to display items for sale to shoppers.

Dressipi 3

This helps narrow down the selection of clothes from the many millions available on eBay to a selection that will fit and flatter a particular individual.

The integration of Dressipi to eBay’s UK site will offer female shoppers two levels of recommendation. Customers will initially see a curated selection of clothes, shoes and accessories selected from Dressipi’s team of personal stylists.

Those buyers who choose to complete the Fashion Fingerprint questionnaire will then get personalised recommendations.

Dressipi will soon add a further feedback mechanism to its onsite recommendation service that will provide additional insight to eBay and its sellers, with functionality that will allow consumers to ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ individual items.

It’s a good idea. But how will it work in reality? We look forward to hearing from anyone who has encountered it to tell us how it went.