Brightpearl Inventory and Listings Management

Brightpearl HmBrightpearl’s Commerce Acceleration Platform now offers integrated and automated inventory and listings management to sellers on and

Brightpearl and eBay have been engaged in a multi-phase project to develop, beta test, release and co-promote these services to eBay sellers.

eBay came to Brightpearl recognising that their solution gives a really solid foundation for retailers in a certain segments, but wanted to see listing management as part of the Brightpearl solution. Brightpearl have offered order and inventory synch for about 18 months, but are now ready to unveil their new integrated eBay listing tool.

The eBay integration is significant on two counts, it provides a time-saving efficiency boost for retailers who want to list more SKUs on eBay and eBay and Brightpearl will co-promote this to eBay sellers in the UK, a strong sign of eBay’s commitment to Brightpearl’s platform.

Is Brightpearl suitable for me?

James ScottThere are a ton of channel management solutions out there and they all serve different needs and businesses. We thought we’d grill the Brightpearl team and see if we could tie down which retailers Brightpearl is best suited for.

I managed to get hold of James Scott in Brightpearl’s US offices and identified several key points – if your business matches more than a couple then you should take a look at the Brightpearl solution.

  • Brightpearl is suitable for small to mid-sized multi-channel retailers.
  • Typically Brightpearl works well for companies with an annual turnover approaching £1m rising to around £6m ($2M – $10M)
  • If you have 5-20 employees then your business is almost certainly sufficiently complex that Brightpearl can assist in simplifying many business processes.
  • To benefit from Brightpearl you will be selling in multiple retail channels. Your channels could be online or offline, physical stores, web store(s) and online marketplaces (eBay, Amazon)
  • Whilst your business may be primarily retail, Brightpearl is particularly suited for those that have a secondary wholesale part to their business.
  • Possibly the most important attribute is that your business growing rapidly and experiencing growing pains – especially the complexity of managing inventory, orders, customer and financial data across multiple channels.

What can Brightpearl do for you

Traditionally one of the biggest pain points for eBay sellers has been managing their eBay inventory and listings. Sellers want to sell more stock on eBay, but until now, the listing process has been time consuming and the more stock you have listed the more complex the inventory management becomes.

Importantly, managing eBay inventory and listings directly from within Brightpearl means that sellers have access to all of Brightpearl’s other powerful features, including real-time profitability visibility by SKU and by customer, automated accounting, and the ability to integrate and manage inventory, customer data, financials and orders to make better business decisions.

Brightpearl eBay Listings

Brightpearl Accounts

Brightpearl is almost unique in that alongside channel management the accounting functions happen almost invisibly. Each time an order is placed and shipped Brightpearl updates your accounts, that means at any single moment in time you can check your profit and loss and you’ll never again have to sit down to update your accounts for VAT, Tax Returns or Management Reports.

If currently like many eBay businesses you do your accounts manually on spreadsheets then you’ll definitely benefit from Brightpearl. As with many of Brightpearl’s features, the accounting function really comes into it’s own if you have multiple locations or different business units. Once you’re using Brightpearl you can see your financials across all sites and channels and your accounts are always as up to date as your last sale.

Get started with Brightpearl

Whilst eBay are going to identify those retailers with highest potential to benefit and will make these businesses aware of Brightpearl solution, if you have a lot of products to sell and can’t get them easily listed or struggle to manage them, then you’re welcome to approach Brightpearl direct.