Amazon launches art marketplace

Amazon Art

Amazon has launched an online marketplace for artworks with big ticket items by Warhol and Norman Rockwell featured on the site getting most attention, but dig a little deeper and there’s real potential for less famous artists.

Predictably, there has been a great deal of guffawing at the site from the higher end of the market. Some dealers say that for very pricey works of art, collectors simply won’t buy from a website or Amazon and prefer the more visceral, classy experience of a gallery or reputable auctioneer. I can see their point.

Yet there’s plenty more to the art market than pieces worth big wedge, as sites like Etsy show. Amateur artists might find Amazon Art a useful outlet.

It never really pays to underestimate Amazon or indeed ecommerce in general. It’s not so many years since I recall people ridiculing me at trade shows at the idea of anyone selling antiques online (Ahh, god bless 1999) and as for Amazon, it has shown itself to be a force to be reckoned with.

Those fusty old art dealers should remember the book shops who are now really suffering under Amazon’s cosh.