William & Kate Royal Baby expected today

Knitted Royal Baby Family hmThe world’s press have been camped outside London’s St Mary’s Hospital for days in anticipation of the birth of the Royal Baby and the birth now appears imminent.

Kate and William are now in the hospital awaiting the birth with Kate apparently in the early stages of labour so it’s likely that the baby will be born today. After the birth an envelope will be carried to Buckingham Palace to be posted on the Palace gates containing the announcement of the birth.

Royal Baby BibDoubtless eBay will be flooded with Royal Baby memorabilia within days, but get ahead of the crowd. You can already bid on a knitted Royal Family celebrating the birth or even get “I’m the real Royal Baby” bibs for your own new born.

With print to order we’re expecting everything from t-shirts to mugs, from t-towels to engraved spoon souvenirs to flood the market. But if you’re in the printing business remember that almost all of the first images of the new Royal Baby will be copyright and using them isn’t cricket.

The only thing we don’t currently know is the sex, weight and name of the new Royal baby who will be born third in line to the Throne.