The most and least appropriate eBay Deals

Sitting here at 11pm in the evening, still roasting hot and knowing the temperature won’t drop below about 20 degrees tonight I was idly browsing eBay’s deals wondering how to stay cool.

Bob Kat SledgeAmazingly one of the first items I stumbled across was a Chad Valley Bob Kat Sledge from Argos. The thought of a chilly winters day with the hills covered in snow might be quite attractive, but honestly… a sledge in the hottest week of the hottest July I can remember for years! Even at £9.99 it’s not the most timely of bargains so it’s not surprising that only one has been sold so far.

Swimming Pool SetA bit more appropriate for the sunny weather, which I’m hearing is due to stay for anything up to the end of July or well into August as least for the south of the UK, is the child’s paddling pool for just £12.99 from WorldStores. If you’ve got young kids you’re going to want to keep the out of the sun most of the time, but with yet another scorching weekend coming up a quick cool down in the paddling pool seems like a plan.

Obviously I’m not going to fit into a 5 foot by 1 foot paddling pool, so I’m off on the hunt for a better way to stay cool… maybe just the biggest fan I can find on eBay or even an air conditioning unit. What are you doing to stay comfortably cool?