Tamebay gets a mini makeover

WebWe had a few tweaks to Tamebay yesterday afternoon and evening so you may have noticed a few differences (If you don’t, hit F5 a few times to refresh your browser).

Firstly we’ve got a new menu structure which gives us a lot more flexibility on how to display quick links to content (Hover over the “Home” button to see it).

If you’ve got any ideas on which topics the menu should have links to then do let us know, we may be able to add them in. We’re still working on this so it’s not too late to make a difference. If there are some links to subjects that are of particular interest to you if others could also be interested. We can’t promise to add them all, but we’ll look at every suggestion.

More noticeably we’ve also got a new logo. We loved the logo for the Tamebay guide so much that Andre of eSeller Solutions volunteered to design a new logo for Tamebay as well.

Dan and I both agree it somehow looks better with the squares at the other end. We hope you like it too.