How to NOT pay fees on international postage

Cross Border TradeWe’d like to address a complaint by many sellers that they’re going to incur disproportionately high final value fees on International Postage.

Did you know that you don’t have to?

Passive cross border trade selling with final value fees on postage

Passive cross border trade is where you list your products directly on eBay UK and make them available to sellers around the world by specifying postage to different countries.

When a buyer makes a purchase, under the new fee structure you’ll be paying final value fees based on the entire payment including the international postage option that they select.

Active cross border trade selling with no final value fees on postage

If you list directly on any site other than your registered site, which for many readers will be eBay UK, then you’ll pay final value fees according to the fee schedule for the site you list on. eBay UK and are the only two sites we’re aware of that currently charge fees on the postage element of sales.

That means if you list direct on eBay Australia and ship a package to Australia you’ll pay Australian final value fees which don’t include fees on postage. If however you list on eBay UK and an Australian purchases from you then you will pay final value fees on postage.

Avoiding fees on International Postage

If you only sell the odd item overseas this might not apply to you. However if you want to grow your cross border trade (and let’s face it why wouldn’t you?), then take a look at the eBay Featured and Anchor shop cross border trade insertion fees.

We’re not going to run through the fees again, but basically you can list on multiple eBay sites either for free with an Anchor shop, or for free or very reduced fees with a Featured eBay shop.

Why pay eBay fees on your international postal costs by selling internationally from eBay UK, when you can get free (or very low cost) insertion fees, much greater visibility in the countries you wish to target and grow your international sales all at the same time? Oh and only pay fees on the final sale price, not on the postage element of your international sales.