Have eBay feedback comments come to this?

Worst eBay Feedback EverDo you ever take the time to bother reading your feedback? I have to admit so long as mine is positive I rarely bother to dig much deeper.

However one seller who does check their feedback got a bit of a shock today. Things got even more interesting when he checked out the feedback comments left for other sellers by the same buyer. We’ve posted a selection of the more polite comments to the right.

The big question is of course, is it just a bit of fun or should eBay take action on the buyer? So far the account still appears to be live with all the feedback remaining in place.

You may think it a little light hearted fun, but others might be very offended to receive one of these feedback comments on their ratings. More importantly it’s possible that your potential customers are viewing your feedback to see how others ranked your products and service.

It does remind me of a feedback comment for haemorrhoid cream I saw many years ago by another buyer who was a bit of a joker. He left a neutral with the comment “How can haemorrhoids be positive?” At least the current joker left all positive feedback!